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LoudST was born from a simple idea. That to make discussions more democratic, more structured, more purposeful. Despite the advent of social media, debating has remained confined to the elitist TV studios with politicians, experts and news anchors, shouting each other down. At LoudST, we passionately believe that each netizen is an opinion maker and a potential smart-influencer. At LoudST, we are committed to providing a platform that gives voice to each such individual, nudges them to debate/discuss, enables them to co-create collective opinion, and empowers them to carry out a meaningful course of action. At LoudST, our motto is: Discuss..Engage..Transform. We believe in the power of collective voice. We believe in the influence such a voice can have on the decision-making of institutions across disciplines (political parties, civic bodies, consumer companies, sports clubs, film studios and so on). We believe the world is ready for this Made-in-India platform.

Product features


Have an opinion? Want to share an update? Something happening around you that warrants a bigger audience? Just open up your heart knowing you have the luxury to express yourself in 1,000 characters. Or better, use a pic, since a pic speaks a thousand words or 5,000 characters!

Argument wall

Confused by debates carried out in group chats or comments section of portals? On LoudST, all the debating arguments are neatly organized into Agree & Disagree buckets. And while top debates are summarized, every debate can be sliced and diced with insightful metrics.

Run Polls

Itching to carry out an opinion poll? Or a survey which gives meaningful outcome? LoudST makes running polls a piece of cake. And the icing on the cake, is the detailed insights we provide by way of metrics.

Organize Protests

We believe that every discussion should lead to some action. The Protest feature enables you to organize protests and even debate the pros and cons of organizing that protest. This makes LoudST one of the very few action-oriented discussions platforms.

Do more with Groups

Group chats are passé. Local communities, housing society groups, college friends etc. can come together on LoudST to chat, argue as well as poll on important topics. The Group wall is integrated with the public wall - so you don't have to search for posts elsewhere.

Structured Discussions
Structured Content

Raise your hands if you feel that your social media wall is a mishmash of various types of content. On LoudST, you needn't worry. We've organized all your content by broad subject categories (politics, sports, films, economics etc.). You can even view content based on the source (you / by your friends / in your groups).

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Opine, Debate, Poll or Chat on our Android app that’s available on Playstore for all smartphones running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher.

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